AU – Megacolour

Megacolor Speedmaster CD 102-6. 20 percent more incoming orders and switch to two-shift operation and a six-day week.

Productivity leads directly to profitability

“If you want to grow, you need to expand your capacity effectively. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.” Michael Fang, Managing Director of Megacolour, and Gavin Smith, Sales and Marketing Manager, invested in a six-color Speedmaster CD 102 in 2012. “However, it is crucial that capacity is also accompanied by the necessary productivity so as to best serve the fast-moving demand on the market. This is where the CD 102 represents a massive step forward for us. Our incoming orders have risen by 20 percent and we’ve switched to two-shift operation and a six-day week.”

The Speedmaster CD 102 has also enabled Megacolour in Sydney, Australia, to finalize its move into the lucrative and growing market for A1 packaging printing. The existing five-color Speedmaster SM 74 was only able to print to a maximum of A2. Now, the previously outsourced A1 packaging printing will also be produced in-house. Quality and time management therefore remain in Megacolour’s hands and the profitability of jobs naturally also increases. Smith says the new press has “definitely opened doors for us – we’ve expanded our range considerably.”

The new Speedmaster CD 102 is so fast and productive that it not only meets the challenge of increased order volumes without any difficulty, it also helps avoid costly extra shifts. “The Speedmaster CD 102 is so productive, we need to adapt our capacity in postpress,” says Smith. And Fang adds: “We’ve positioned ourselves as a quality printer and, using the automation components of the Speedmaster CD 102, such as the integrated spectrophotometric measurement system, we can deliver reproducible results to ISO 12467 at all times – a prerequisite for success in the quality commercial and packaging industry.”