BE – Hdruk

Speedmaster SX 74-4-H LE UV. The perfect choice for a one-man print shop.


A true all-rounder

“I decided on the Speedmaster SX 74-4-H LE UV from Heidelberg because it meets all my requirements perfectly. I can use it to print on all types of paper, as well as on plastics. Ink application is another major plus-point – it can go up to 400%! I can also use the LE UV dryer for a range of different applications. And before this, I used a Printmaster PM 74-4 for seven years without it ever breaking down,” says Frederik Hollevoet, Managing Director at Hdruk. “For two years, I consulted everyone – manufacturers, colleagues, suppliers, and competitors, both in Belgium and beyond. In the end, I opted for the Speedmaster SX 74. This was by far the most cost-effective solution for someone who works for himself.”

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