Be unbeatable. Video contest – winners receive their prizes

With 664 likes, Cevagraf SCCL and its original homage to the silent film era has landed first place in the “Be unbeatable. Be a Speedmaster.” video competition. The winners were recently presented with their prize of an exclusively designed printing unit guard.

Albert Alcoverro, Javier de Quadras (Hartmann), Thomas Hellinger (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG), David Carnero, Sergio Egea

Based in Rubí, near Barcelona, the cooperative business is a commercial print shop that offers web services and digital print products and relies exclusively on Heidelberg equipment for offset printing. “We couldn’t be happier with our Heidelberg presses,” says Alberto Alcoverro, Chairman of Cevagraf, explaining why the company entered the competition. “What’s more, all our young video fans in particular were totally committed to producing something creative.” The keen amateur film enthusiasts spent six days of their vacations creating their video. The short film also reflects the values at the company, which started out modestly 25 years ago but actively sought to become better every day and work toward a better future. “We don’t shout too loudly, but prefer instead to let our work, high quality, and excellent service do the talking,” says CEO Juan Miguel Serres. “No matter what we do, quality is and will remain the key to our success and our Speedmaster presses play an important role in this respect.”

Second place went to Kawagraf Embalagens in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. This print shop gave its Speedmaster XL 105 wings. The video accompanies a “passenger” all the way from check-in to his safe landing – naturally with a high-quality print product in his suitcase.

Danilo Kiko, Haroldo Braune, Michio Kawasaki, Nicky Kawasaki

Packaging print shop KawagrafEmbalagens, which has been operating both inside and outside Brazil since 1994, received a unique picture that, like the printing unit guard, incorporates design elements of the “Speedmaster. Unbeatable.” campaign.

The third prize, a valuable Montblanc pen, went to Druckstudio Düsseldorf, Germany. In its highly original video, the Druckstudio Group sends its Speedmaster XL 105 into the sparring ring. And guess who wins the speed-punching contest?

Werner Drechsler, Fotini Drechsler, Ferenc Hosszu, Tina Wilke und Christian Cub

This commercial print shop is a print and media service provider operating in the high-quality segment and aspires to be the best and most sustainable print shop.

The “Be unbeatable. Be a Speedmaster.” video competition took place between February 3 and April 13, 2014. Customers were invited to submit video clips showing them and their Speedmaster presses in action. In clips lasting around three minutes, customers were asked to explain what makes their Speedmaster unbeatable.  A panel of judges from Heidelberg selected the top ten entries from the clips sent in from around the world. From June 1 to July 1, 2014, the Internet community voted for the top three on YouTube based on the number of likes.