BR – Kawagraf

Speedmaster XL 105 5+L and Speedmaster XL 105-6-P+L. A new level of productivity and quality thanks to the Peak Performance class from the Speedmaster series.


On the up

“We were completely blown away by the productivity and quality the Speedmaster XL technology could deliver,” says Michio Kawasaki, Chairman of the Management Board of Brazilian packaging print shop Kawagraf. “In 2008, we decided to invest in new presses, so as to increase our production capacities. We hadn’t actually planned on changing our supplier, but the press really impressed us. After a very short time, the Speedmaster XL 105 had even exceeded our expectations. It has lifted our print shop to a whole new level of productivity and quality. We were able to win new customers and expand our field of business. Just one year later, we invested in the second Speedmaster XL 105, a six-color perfecting press with coating unit.”

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