BR – Pigma Gráfica e Editora

PigmaSpeedmaster CD 102-4+L and Speedmaster CD 102-5+L. An instant 30 percent increase in productivity was a milestone for Brazilian commercial print shop Pigma Gráfica e Editora.

“We’re 30 percent more productive with the Speedmaster CD!”

Buying its first Speedmaster CD 102-4+L in 2011 was a milestone for Pigma Gráfica e Editora. It not only meant the print shop was better placed in terms of quality, flexibility, and production stability but also instantly made it 30 percent more productive than with the competitor’s product it previously used. The print shop’s second Speedmaster, a CD 102-5+L, followed in 2013 to further boost both quality and speed. “The Speedmaster CD 102 delivers outstanding print quality. What’s more, it’s extremely productive and makeready times are very short, which is incredibly important in view of ever shorter run lengths,” says Administration Director Altanoir Oliveira, summing up the benefits.

Based near São Paulo in Brazil, Pigma Gráfica e Editora produces commercial print products and publications for large agencies and direct customers. The commercial print shop has 220 employees working in three shifts. Switching to the Speedmaster also made it possible to produce longer runs and larger formats while still ensuring the necessary stability. The Speedmaster CD 102 was installed in 2011 and printed 50 million sheets in the first 18 months alone.

With around six job changes per shift, Pigma’s Speedmaster CD 102 produces between 100,000 and 200,000 printed sheets every day. Jobs vary considerably in terms of run length, format, and substrate. “Versatility is extremely important to us and the Speedmaster has led to a big improvement in this respect,” completes Roberto Caramez, Managing Director.