BR – Skygraf do Brasil

SkygrafSpeedmaster CX 102-4+L. A press that knows no equal. The ultimate in performance and quality from the outset – a boost to productivity that pays off for commercial print shop Skygraf do Brasil in São Paulo.

A press that knows no equal

Although it was only installed in January 2013, the Speedmaster CX 102-4+L has already become an indispensable part of Skygraf do Brasil’s pressroom. According to owner Robson Ribeiro, the press’s impressive productivity means it can easily do the work of two machines. “I’ve never seen anything of the kind before. Its high printing speed and fast job changes without any compromises in terms of quality are simply unbelievable, making it ideal for short, medium, and long runs,” he stresses. Job changeover times of around eight minutes ensure that each order is produced quickly and efficiently.

Founded in 1988, the Skygraf do Brasil print shop in the São Paulo region specializes in high-quality commercial jobs. Some 150 staff working in two shifts produce high-end catalogs and displays, above all for prestigious brand names from the trade and fashion sectors. Skygraf relies on premium technology and a policy of ongoing modernization to maintain its edge over the competition with market-leading high-quality products.

Its Speedmaster CX 102-4+L operates at an effective average speed of 13,000 sheets per hour, including setup times. The press’s impressive performance boosts Ribeiro’s output substantially while also cutting power consumption by ten percent. It also generates far less waste paper. The Speedmaster CX thus makes a lasting contribution to Skygraf ’s eco-friendly approach to printing.