CH – Druckerei Ebikon

Speedmaster SX 52-5+L LE UV. Newly acquired orders, expanded range of materials and products, much higher throughput, and improved margins thanks to LE UV technology.


Brilliant gloss finishing

“When our Speedmaster SX 52-5+L LE UV went into operation in October 2013 we were one of the first users of this new UV curing process,” explains Marco Jurt, Head of Printing/CtP at Swiss print shop Ebikon. “The SX 52 with LE UV was more than a replacement for the previous press. It enabled us to explore an entirely new business model. Our customers love the new products, and they are prepared to pay a premium for the added value they receive,” Jurt continues. The company now also uses the Speedmaster SX 52 to produce non-absorbent materials in-house, with all the advantages this brings. Coating applications achieve gloss levels that were previously reserved for screen printing or UV offline applications, and that commercial sheetfed offset printers could only dream of.

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