CHN – Sichuan Jincai

Speedmaster CD 102-5. Way ahead of the competition with 45 million print sheets a year on the Speedmaster CD 102.


New record sales and continuous growth

In November 2012, Sichuan Jincai added another Heidelberg press to its collection – a Speedmaster CD 102-5. More and more customers had been asking for jobs with spot colors or inline coating, so owners Zhou Anhu and his wife Sun Yonghong decided to invest in a five-color press. “It makes our production more efficient and also creates added value for the print products. More important still, it generates additional demand,” they explain. Just two months after commissioning, there had been a big increase in orders for packaging and high-quality illustrated books. “Our five-color press operates at full speed whatever the job, which makes full use of the production capacity and generates sizable profits,” adds the husband and wife team.

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