CHN – Star Print

Star_Print_Testi_170314Speedmaster SM 52-4. Top print quality and outstanding productivity the key to growth – a model for success in China’s printing industry.

Star among Chinese print shops

“Heidelberg is known for its high quality within the sector, so we see our presses as a sign of our strength. From the very start, our use of Heidelberg products has attracted customers. Our new Speedmaster SM 52 fits in perfectly, boosting our productivity and our reputation. And both these aspects are important for business,” says Yang Dong, Chairman of Star Print, explaining his reasons for investing in Heidelberg technology at drupa 2012.

Founded in 2005 in the Chinese province of Anhui as a business focusing exclusively on printing, Star Print has long been recognized as a professional supplier of complete solutions for bound and high-quality illustrated books. It now covers everything from design and printing to postpress. The company opened a new office in downtown Hefei in April 2012. With China’s cultural sector flourishing, Yang Dong firmly believes that the production of high-quality illustrated books has a promising future, especially with an uncompromising commitment to top print quality and outstanding productivity. Star Print’s extraordinary growth in just a few years proves him right.

The company relies on Heidelberg as a full-service provider that offers everything from regular machine maintenance to intensive knowledge transfer, with Heidelberg engineers and Star Print machine operators sharing information. “In the world of printing, having the best possible presses isn’t enough. Optimum service is also vital and that’s what we get from Heidelberg,” stresses Yang Dong.