DE – Saxoprint

Speedmaster XL 145-4 and Speedmaster XL 162-8-P. Top performance every day, no one-off records, that’s what makes the Speedmaster class so special for commercial online printers.


Production in a class of its own

“We don’t want one-off records, we want top performance every single day. Being able to deliver consistent results month after month on an eight-color press – with job changes in ten minutes, superb quality printing of even short runs, and less than 100 sheets of startup waste – that’s Speedmaster class!” says Klaus Sauer, CEO of Saxoprint, describing his experiences of the large-format Speedmaster XL. But it’s not just in day-to-day production figures that the presses deliver top performance. Short delivery times are crucial for online print shops, but reliability is even more important. And 95 percent availability speaks for itself.

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