DE – Baier & Schneider

Speedmaster SX 52-4-P+L Anicolor. Greater economy and flexibility for short production runs of stationery with high surface finishing requirements.


One-stop shop

The decision in favor of a new Speedmaster SX 52 Anicolor four-color press with perfecting device and coating unit at Baier & Schneider follows a clear strategy. “We monitor the market closely and know what our customers need. At the moment we are seeing a growing demand for short runs and widely varied coatings and special effects”, says Ralf Wagner, head of production at the Heilbronn plant of the stationery manufacturer Schneider Group. The Speedmaster SX 52 with Anicolor zoneless short inking unit offers high productivity with extremely short setup times and up to 90 percent less paper waste. “We want to use the press primarily to produce covers for exercise books, spiral-bound notepads, and calenders. We’ll be doing that in short runs with special finishes, for example drip-off effects”, continues Wagner. For this, Baier & Schneider needs state-of-the-art technology and a reliable platform: the new printing machine contains the 40,000th printing unit in the successful A3 format series.

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