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Speedmaster XL 105-6+L and Speedmaster XL 106-5+L. Increased sustainability and print quality with the world’s best presses.


Sustainability and premium quality – hand in hand

“When we made the switch from medium format to 3B format in 2007, we chose the Speedmaster XL 105-5+L because we wanted the best product available on the market. There was really no alternative as far as we were concerned. The fact that this was the right decision is something we see on a daily basis,” says a satisfied Werner Drechsler, Managing Director of the Druckstudio Group based in Düsseldorf. “In 2008, we invested in an XL 105-6+L, and we installed the world’s first Speedmaster XL 106-5+L and Speedmaster SX 52-5+L UV in 2012,” he adds. Sustainability and environmental protection combined with exceptional print quality are central to the Druckstudio Group’s philosophy, and the exclusive Speedmaster technology puts these principles into practice perfectly.

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