DE – Lokay Druck

Speedmaster CX 102-5+L. High profitability and environmentally compatible production do not have to be mutually exclusive.


Naturally sustainable

“Lots of print shops are offering eco-friendly printing these days. But we go quite a few steps further, whether with our substrates, our production technology, or our social responsibility towards our employees,” explains Thomas Fleckenstein, authorized signatory and Marketing Manager at Lokay Druck. “Our aim is to become the most eco-friendly print shop in Germany. In addition to all our measures aimed at saving energy and conserving resources, it is also important to further optimize processes. The Speedmaster CX 102, which is naturally climate-neutral, is an ideal fit for our strategy,” explains owner Ralf Lokay. “We were most impressed by Heidelberg’s offering, especially since we are already using Heidelberg products in prepress and postpress. Just like Heidelberg, we don’t define ourselves by technology, but rather by smooth processes as well as our closeness to our customers and the benefit we can offer them.”

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