DE – Müller Ditzen AG

Speedmaster CX 102-5+L. LE UV technology delivers exceptional results on an extensive range of substrates.


Fast, eco-friendly, outstanding

“What can I do to offer my customers even better quality and sustainability in printing? For me, the answer comes in the form of the five-color Speedmaster CX 102 with coating unit and LE UV technology. Our print processes now combine sustainability with outstanding quality. We can offer our customers a huge range of surface finishing options including high-gloss, drip-off, and matt coatings, and even a combination of matt/gloss effects in a single pass. The sheets are completely dry when they reach the delivery, which means we can process them straight away,” explains Ronald Huber, CEO of the Müller Ditzen AG commercial print shop in Bremerhaven. “This opens up a whole new range of applications – and that applies to the substrates we can use, too. LE UV technology gives us even greater flexibility and ensures we can provide our customers with previously unimaginable results – taking in everything from commercial to PVC foil printing on absorbent and non-absorbent materials and even on uncoated paper.”

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