ES – Cevagraf

Speedmaster XL 75-10-P. Five job changes per hour thanks to rapid makeready processes and consistently high production speeds.


A cooperative path to success

“We have been impressed by the productivity, reliability, and efficiency of Speedmaster presses ever since we started working with them,” says Juan Miguel Serres, 2nd Vice-President and General Secretary of Cevagraf, a cooperative commercial print shop based in Rubí, near Barcelona. “We usually work with the Speedmaster XL 75-10-P at speeds of between 10,000 and 14,000 sheets. This, combined with rapid makeready processes, means we can reach up to five job changes per hour.” But it isn’t just this Peak Performance press that Cevagraf benefits from. It has a further four presses at its disposal – a Speedmaster CD 74, two Speedmaster SM 74 units, and one Speedmaster SM 52 have also contributed to the Spanish cooperative’s enthusiasm for this technology.

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