FR – Frazier Paris

Speedmaster XL 106-5+L with DryStar LED. Faster throughput times and energy savings with the innovative DryStar LED dryer technology.


State-of-the-art technology in the heart of Paris.

“We often do print jobs on non-absorbent materials and creative papers which can be quite hard to print. We also want to open up new areas of business, particularly in the area of synthetic substrates. We can now shorten job throughput times with the DryStar LED technology and the ‘dry sheet concept’ since the sheet can go straight from press to finishing. We can also instantly change between very different jobs. We’ve been monitoring the development of LED technology since we replaced our last presses back in 2012. This was the right time for us to adopt this technology,” explains Daniel Bouyerden, CEO of Frazier Paris. “There is one point that cannot be ignored in the whole thing: the higher costs for the consumables. However, these additional costs are largely offset by both the significant energy savings and the time savings in the production cycle since the waiting times for job changes, which can be as much as a day in some cases, no longer apply. With LED, there is also no deformation of the paper due to heat. And that means zero ozone emissions,” explains Didier Martin, Member of the Management Board of Frazier Paris. As well as the “hardware”, the company also uses Saphira consumables from Heidelberg.

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