FR – SB Graphic

SB_Plus_Testi_040414Speedmaster XL 162-5+L. Top print quality for the demanding fashion and cosmetics markets.

Outstanding in production of complex sales displays

“Print quality is key for our customers from the luxury sector and we’ve found this quality in the Speedmaster XL 162,” says Bruno De Bue, Managing Partner of SB Graphic, explaining the decision to invest in the large-format Speedmaster press. “The very short makeready times are also crucial. The run lengths for our high-quality large-format displays are short. With the Speedmaster XL 162, we can usually produce twelve jobs per shift – and that includes approval by the relevant customer!”

The SB Graphic print shop is based in Paris in the immediate vicinity of Roissy Charles De Gaulle Airport at the heart of the French fashion and cosmetics industries. Among its customers are the premium brands in these sectors, including international market leaders in the cosmetics industry and well-known names in the perfume industry. SB Graphic primarily prints elaborate sales displays and complex advertising materials. It also produces posters for exhibitions and cultural events in Paris.

The Speedmaster XL 162 is used for production with up to five colors with high-gloss dispersion coatings applied inline. Two varnish circulations and the rapid changeover of screen rollers make it possible to vary gloss and haptic effects at short notice during customer approval processes. “The outstanding print quality with no ‘ifs, ands, or buts’ wins over even the most discerning of customers, which not only spares us complaints but also enables us to attract new customers,” says a delighted De Bue. “And these customers stay with us.”