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Speedmaster XL 106-5+L LE UV. Production output doubled with ease.


Up for any challenge

“The trend is definitely towards uncoated substrates and products that are more challenging, but also more difficult to produce. So Heidelberg’s LE UV technology came at just the right time,” reports Nicolas Hesse, Managing Director of L’Ormont. “We already had two Speedmaster XL 75 presses, but saw we needed to invest in a larger format and in UV technology to deal with the increased demand from our customers,” continues Nicolas Hesse. “We replaced our XL 75 four-color press with a Speedmaster XL 106-5+L with LE UV in April 2015. It enabled us to double our production output,” says Francis Bianchi, Technical Manager at L’Ormont, enthusiastically, before going on to explain: “The LE UV technology lets us target new markets and handle embellishment work in-house instead of outsourcing it as in the past. Our innovative product range means that we can now set ourselves further apart from the competition. Transparent papers, creative papers, synthetic substrates with aluminum lamination, magnetic substrates … we can now print all of these materials with ease with LE UV.”

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