Great performance, great price, great value

The Speedmaster SM 52, Speedmaster SM 74, and Speedmaster CD 102 are true all-rounders capable of handling a wide variety of applications. They enable small and medium-sized commercial print shops in particular to take a professional approach to satisfying customer requirements and grow in a market environment that is constantly changing.


The Speedmaster SM 52 and Speedmaster SM 74 offer sophisticated technology and continuity for small and medium formats. The standard features of these two models have been extended and geared specifically to the needs of small and medium-sized print shops. Combining successful technology with attractive conditions, they provide reliability in production and investment security by delivering trademark Speedmaster excellence when it comes to print quality, reliability, and value retention.


The Speedmaster CD 102 is the best-selling press series by far in the 70 x 100 centimeter (27.56 x 39.37 inch) format. There are many good reasons for this – exceptional and, above all, stable print quality throughout the run, straightforward operation, excellent stability in operation, and outstanding net productivity make the Speedmaster CD 102 a secure investment with a short payback period. The new Speedmaster CD 102 continues in this same tradition. The Preset Plus Delivery and attractive equipment packages from Heidelberg offer far higher performance levels at a great price.