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Speedmaster SM 74-4-H. Business has more than double since the installation

Break even faster than previous thought

Business has more than doubled since the installation of the Speedmaster SM 74-4-H and people from across the federal states Jharkhand and Bihar come here to get their print work done. With the outstanding technique of the Speedmaster SM 74 they get at least 30 to 35 jobs a day with prints runs of 500 to 1000 copies each. “A decision that paid off immediately,” says Dinesh Padia from Purnima Printers.

Purnima Printers is a family owned print shop who started their business in 1992. They are located in Jamshedpur, a fast growing city in the North-West of India which is well known for iron and steel industry as well as production sites for locomotives, lorries and agriculture machines. Rajendra Kumar Agarwal, the founder of the print shop, started his carrier in the commercial printing with a single colour press. Quickly he found out, that most of his clients were shop keepers and small businesses that need more than commercial printing. Beside the demand for commercial printing he learned very fast that the integration of packaging printing could be very essential for his business.

This was the time when Purnima Printers set up his own packaging workflow with die-cutting, folding, gluing and laminating machines. They printed and produced simple boxes for multiple purposes such as sweets, confectionaries, incense sticks and candles.

After the diversification in 1997 to computer stationary manufacturing and the installation of a second hand two colour press the business grew and the news of the company’s capabilities spread quickly which gave them also orders from nearby towns. Soon there was enough business with regular clients and orders for making a major investment to improve in quality and speed they decide to purchase a brand new Speedmaster 4-colour press. “We estimate that we can break even faster than previous thought. The reputation and the quality of our work with the Speedmaster SM 74 attract clients and they are so satisfied which ensures that they stay with us” says Dinesh.