IN – Sri Laxmi Ganapathi

Sri_Laxmi_Testi_270214Speedmaster SM 74-4. A real growth spurt thanks to Speedmaster technology from Heidelberg.

Love at first sight

“Our decision to invest in the Speedmaster SM 74 was made very quickly. In fact, it was love at first sight,” reveals Nagabhushana Rao, one of the two owners of Sri Laxmi Ganapathi, with a smile. “Following the demonstration at the Wiesloch plant of Heidelberg in Germany, we knew for certain there was no alternative if we were to improve our print quality and production speed while also significantly cutting both paper waste and makeready times. The Speedmaster SM 74 four-color press is ideal for our purposes. We now benefit from excellent flexibility and produce brilliant results on everything from very thin to thick materials,” he continues.

The success story of Sri Laxmi Ganapathi in the Indian town of Kovvur, which is located in the coastal region of Andhra Pradesh, already spans more than four decades. The print shop now primarily produces Hindu literature and academic books, but also advertising brochures, posters, and magazines. The investment in the Speedmaster SM 74 and a Suprasetter A106 CtP platesetter that produces up to 18 plates an hour lies behind the latest growth spurt. Sri Laxmi Ganapathi is now able to cover the entire process chain with professional, high-tech solutions.

This has created the basis for further expansion on a highly competitive market. “Our investment is already paying off. New jobs started flooding in as soon as the press was installed, because it was the first Heidelberg press in the region,” says a delighted Rao. It’s hardly surprising, then, that the print shop is already planning to invest in its next Heidelberg press – this time a Speedmaster CD 102. “We want to continue growing,” stresses Rao.