JO – Al Shurook

Speedmaster XL 106-7+L UV.  Al-Shurook Group buys first pure UV Printing Press in the country.

More capacities with consistently high quality

The XL 106-7 pure UV printing press was chosen amongst others due to the company’s need to expand their printing capabilities with consistent quality in hope to also implement the Multicolor technique soon. Heidelberg was chosen as they are considered to be the print shop’s partners in offset printing.

Ma’moun R. Kotob (Managing Director): “We have been growing with Heidelberg ever since 1989, and we are grateful to all the support they have given us; the supply of spare parts, continuous press development, and most importantly the quality of our existing Heidelberg machines. We are also satisfied with the return value of our Heidelberg machinery and the ease to replace an existing machine just like the scenario with our 2001 aged CD that was sold quite smoothly & easily. We believe in continuous development within Al Shurook. Every year, we invest in a software or hardware to ensure continuous prosperity and to implement latest technologies.” Before purchasing the XL-106-7, Al-Shurook Group invested in a folder gluer, die-cutter, and hot stamping machines.

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