JP – Fujiwara Printing

Speedmaster CX 102-4 with LED technology. The combination of Heidelberg print quality and short throughput times gives the decisive edge.


Shinsatsu – printing with heart (and understanding)

“We practice our company credo ‘Shinsatsu’ – printing with heart – every day. Our customers put their faith in this. We’re there for them even for difficult jobs that no one else wants to take on. This gives our business partners a high level of confidence,” says Ms Aiko Fujiwara, owner of the print shop that bears her name, in describing her company philosophy. “What impresses us about the Speedmaster CX 102 is the uniformly high print output, the inline measurement and control with Prinect Inpress Control, and not least the energy savings made possible by the LED technology. We don’t have the same problems with this press that we used to have with presses from other manufacturers,” reports Aiko Fujiwara.

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