JPN – ShinNihon Printing

Speedmaster CX 102-5 UV LED. Innovative UV LED dryer technology gives vital edge.


Unlocking new business opportunities with a world premiere

“When we heard that Heidelberg was going to be offering a press with UV LED drying, we immediately knew that it would enable us to move to the next level in terms of productivity,” says Toshikazu Sano, President of Japanese print shop ShinNihon Printing. The Speedmaster CX 102-5 equipped with DryStar UV LED dryer unit made its world premiere at ShinNihon in October 2013. “We’ve been enjoying the benefits of UV printing since 2000. Drying takes less time, which means we can move on to postpress much faster,” adds print shop manager Nakai. The lower temperatures associated with LED technology eliminate potential damage to the material for good, while maximum production speeds of 16,500 sheets per hour are combined with impressive energy efficiency.

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