LED UV technology from Heidelberg

With DryStar LED technology you can increase your range of services and the performance of your Speedmaster. You have greater flexibility in the choice of substrate available to you, since plastics and natural papers can also be used. You can offer your customers the entire range of special effects such as matt/gloss effects, pearly luster effects, metallic effects, etc. and at the same time reduce the throughput times in your print shop. In times of short production runs and fast turnarounds, having the sheet arrive dry in the delivery for immediate forwarding to postpress is a huge advantage, particularly for commercial printers and web-to-print providers.

Commercial printers and web-to-print providers benefit from instant drying and ozone-free production with LED diode technology, and the mercury-free and future oriented technology also provides a way to set themselves apart from the competition. Maximum energy efficiency without any radiant heat in the press provides the best possible production conditions. With DryStar LED, you get a perfectly dry sheet through the precise focusing of the light and the optimal distance from the sheet travel.

Here you can read about print shops’ experiences to date with the DryStar LED technology from Heidelberg.

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