LVA – Livonia Print

Speedmaster XL 162-4. The print quality of the large-format press from Heidelberg is simply incredible.


A perfectly coordinated team

“I would never have imagined we could achieve such high-quality results in this large format. But that’s exactly what we do now – every single day! The only thing I’d do differently today is invest right away in an eight-color XL 162 perfector,” says Erik Isaksen. “To take just one example – thanks to RFOC*, we no longer have to worry about the direction of paper feed, and we always achieve perfect register accuracy. But it isn’t just the large-format press from Heidelberg we’ve been so impressed by,” adds Isaksen. “We also use several Speedmaster presses in the 70×100 format. Altogether, we use three Speedmaster XL 106 perfectors and one Speedmaster CD 102. Our experience with Heidelberg presses has always been highly positive in terms of both productivity and quality. The XL 162 is now part of this positive experience. We work with our Speedmaster presses as a perfectly coordinated team.”