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PS_BS_Print_retSpeedmaster SM 74-4-H. Faster, better, more successful – ideally equipped for the future thanks to a productivity increase of 30 percent.

Productivity up 30 percent!

“Installing the new Speedmaster SM 74-4-H 2013 instantly increased our productivity by 30 percent. This opened the door to a growing market segment. We can offer customers short and extremely short delivery times without having to compromise on quality,” says Managing Director Dato’ N. Saha, explaining the investment decision. “The Speedmaster SM 74 has significantly cut our makeready times to less than 15 minutes – and to just 10 minutes for repeat jobs!”

BS Print, a Malaysian letterpress and commercial printshop based in the center of the country’s capital Kuala Lumpur, employs around 60 staff to provide services primarily for publishing houses, agencies, and print customers. It offers a complete portfolio – from prepress and press through to postpress and customized services. As a full-service provider, BS Print strives to deliver top performance: “We seek not only to meet the expectations of our customers but to surpass them. This is the basis of our success.”

The new Speedmaster SM 74 provides the productivity boost needed to do just that. “More and more customers are demanding high-quality solutions within the tightest of deadlines. We are now ideally equipped to meet these requirements.” Dato’ N. Saha believes there is every opportunity for further growth and expansion in the future. “Speed is of the essence in the market for commercial products. And we now have the ideal workflow in place. On virtually all our jobs it takes just a few minutes to get production under way!”