NL – Van As

Van_AsSpeedmaster CX 102-5 LE UV. 30 minutes production time per job. Waiting times have virtually been eliminated.

Everything from thin paper to thick plastic

“Our strength is our great versatility. We can print virtually anything – from 70 gsm paper to rigid plastic 0.8 millimeters thick. And even with such challenging substrates, we’re unbeatably quick, with an average production speed of 14,000 sheets per hour,” says Leendert van As, Technical Director of Dutch print shop Van As, who swears by the Speedmaster CX 102-5 LE UV as the basis for his success. With extremely short job changeover times of five to ten minutes, it maximizes productivity – day in, day out.

Founded back in 1934, Van As has increasingly been specializing in calendar production and point-of-sale printing since the 1990s. The print shop has a 36-strong workforce operating in two shifts and the majority of its business comes from the retail market and transport / logistics companies.

Print products are becoming increasingly sophisticated and creative – especially at the point of sale. With the Speedmaster CX 102-5 LE UV it installed in 2012, Van As definitely has the edge in this respect. This press processes both paper and plastic extremely smoothly and, thanks to LE UV technology (LE = low energy), sheets dry rapidly and can move straight on to postpress. With an average run length of 750 sheets, there is no need for any powder or coating. Production takes just 30 minutes per job (with double-sided paper or single-sided plastic printing). The print shop’s Commercial Director Wouter van As summarizes the benefits as follows: “Waiting times have virtually been eliminated.”