PL – CGS Drukarnia

Speedmaster XL 105-10-P and Speedmaster SM 102-12-P with CutStar. Reliable long-distance runners print over 83 million sheets a year.


Quality production around the clock

“Our recipe for success is absolute reliability. Even our long runs have to be completed in minimal time and top quality,” says Rafal Kubiak, Managing Director of Polish print shop CGS Drukarnia, summarizing the company’s market strategy. “We print books and magazines for large publishing houses. To do this, we don’t just need sprinters but, first and foremost, consistently reliable long-distance runners such as our ten-color Speedmaster XL 105 and twelve-color Speedmaster SM 102 with CutStar. The XL 105 has already printed 83 million sheets in not even a year, while the SM 102 has achieved 235 million in three years!”

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