RUS – Printshop STD RF

Speedmaster SX 52-5+L Anicolor. Reducing make ready times and cut down of paper waste for more profitability thanks to the unique Anicolor technology.


Difficult jobs become profitable

Summing up first results of his new press being in operation, Michael Korotkov, cofounder of Printshop STD RF, says: “Today, we are happy to accept a difficult job when it comes along. Thanks to the Speedmaster SX 52 Anicolor, now we can print shorter runs cost-effectively, which previously could not bring us profitability. It’s not just a phrase — reducing make ready times significantly, as our paper waste has been cut down many times. Also, the operator’s strain has eased. The Speedmaster SX 52 Anicolor is an outstanding press!”

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