Speedmaster in 3-D

AR_MARKER_SI_EN_220715Everything here revolves around the Speedmaster. Scan the Speedmaster.Get Inspired.marker with the camera on your tablet PC or smartphone. Thanks to the new augmented reality app from Heidelberg, you can see the Speedmaster XL 106 as a 3-D model, view it from different angles and switch between the feeder and delivery.



Here’s what you need to do:

  • Download the app onto your smartphone or tablet PC.
  • Print out the Speedmaster.Get Inspired.marker in color. Click the marker above to enlarge the image before printing it out. You can also find the marker on the latest Speedmaster.Get Inspired. advertisements.
  • Use the camera on your smartphone or tablet PC to scan the Speedmaster.Get Inspired.marker.
  • Move your smartphone or tablet while keeping the marker in focus and you’ll discover the Speedmaster XL from a completely new perspective as a 3-D model.

Create a snapshot of your future. Take a photo of the Speedmaster 3D model on your premises, either with a member of staff or on its own as you wish. Simply access the model, select the location and size, and position the model. Once you’ve got it in the right position, simply take a photo send it to a friend by e-mail.


Information made clear. The handy magnifying glass makes it easy to decipher important information, however small the font size. Simply select the magnifying glass icon, position the camera of your smartphone or tablet over the text, and use the control to select the appropriate size.