AT – Ueberreuter

Speedmaster XL 106-8-P. Moving into production at speeds of 18,000 sheets an hour takes the Austrian commercial and packaging printer […]

AU – Megacolour

Speedmaster CD 102-6. 20 percent more incoming orders and switch to two-shift operation and a six-day week. Productivity leads directly […]

PL – CGS Drukarnia

Speedmaster XL 105-10-P and Speedmaster SM 102-12-P with CutStar. Reliable long-distance runners print over 83 million sheets a year. […]

IN – Kamala Printing Press

Speedmaster SM 74-4-H. Net production increased by 30% with Speedmaster SM 74. There is nothing better than Heidelberg! Kamala Printing […]

FR – Exaprint

Speedmaster XL 75-4+L. A 30 percent increase in productivity, annual paper waste savings amounting to EUR 100,000, and double the number […]

LT – Garsu Pasaulis

Speedmaster SX 74-6+L. With Speedmaster technology the productivity increased by 60 to 70 percent in comparison to the press used […]

DE – Aumüller Druck

Speedmaster XL 106-10-P und Speedmaster XL 105-8-P. Exceptional productivity – with an average of 57 jobs and 190,000 printed sheets […]