TH – Golden Medal Printing Technology CL.

Golden_Medal_Testi_270214Speedmaster SM 52-4. You can rely one hundred percent on Heidelberg.

Confidence in the printing industry’s performance benchmark

“I’ve been in the printing business for over 20 years and know for a fact that you can rely one hundred percent on Heidelberg,” says Ms. Yang Kui-Yuan. “And our investment in the Speedmaster SM 52-4 has confirmed this – we’re now enjoying reliably high production capacities, impressive quality, brilliant colors, high production speeds, and a fast throughput. In other words, we can produce more in less time while also achieving higher-quality results,” she adds.

Founded in 2007, the print shop initially focused primarily on packaging printing. Production has now been expanded to include commercial products such as advertising brochures. This continuous growth and expansion over recent years has resulted in a far larger customer base and a wider range of print jobs – thanks to dependable technology that ensures high-quality printing.

Perfect service from Heidelberg is another factor in the company’s success. Ms. Yang Kui-Yuan sums up her experience as follows: “Heidelberg provided us with the best possible support, installing our press and providing my teams with expert training. As a result, we now have the confidence to take on jobs that may have been too risky for us before. After all, we know that Heidelberg always delivers top-quality results!”