The votes are in! My Speedmaster and I

The winners of our photo contest have been decided. Our congratulations go to:

1st prize: Poul Thuesen, Denmark, 574 likes, wins a Speedmaster chronograph.

Kawagraf-Flight-XL105Just another ordinary day at the print shop with the printersmurfs 😉

2nd prize: Nadine Klemm, Germany, 339 likes wins a world USB adapter.

“12 years ago, I married my Heidelberg Speedmaster 10 colors and I’m still as happy as on the first day!”

3rd prize: Ray Luggiero, USA, 163 likes wins an Eschenbach magnifier.

“My Speedmaster and I”
Well, Sampson that is…………


4th prize: Dora Striegel, USA, 13 likes wins an Eschenbach magnifier.

Girl power!

5th prize: Marilyn Hampton, USA, 8 likes wins an Eschenbach magnifier.

Turkey and me!

Many thanks to everyone who sent in photos and took part in the voting!