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Speedmaster SX 74-5-H. Increased capacity and higher productivity due to the switch to 50×70 format.


The workhorse

“The switch to 50×70 format with the Speedmaster SX 74 opens up new markets for us and increases our capacity and productivity,” explains Craig Cowan, Managing Director of Cowan Print. The new machine replaces one of two Speedmaster SX 52 models. “A lot of people think of us as a small-scale print shop but that will change now we have purchased the SX 74. This machine will enable us to expand our portfolio and therefore widen our customer group,” continues Craig Cowan. “A change of format automatically means a change in terms of plate production as well. But, thanks to Heidelberg, it isn’t a problem at all. By purchasing a license, we were able to convert our Suprasetter A52 into an A75 within a single day. A technician did it ‘in passing’ during the machine installation,” Craig Cowan explains enthusiastically.

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