UK – Fineprint

Speedmaster XL 75-5 LE UV. 30 to 40 percent higher output thanks to the innovative
DryStar technology LE UV.


The perfect solution for fast throughput times

“The attraction of going LE-UV is the ease with which uncoated stocks can be handled and the visual look, the brighter results you get because there is less ink absorption into the paper. We are a specialist in short run; fast turnaround work so being able to finish jobs straight from the press is a great advantage. We expect 30-40 percent increase in output”, says Dan Bakewell, managing director. Although ink costs are higher for LE-UV the process also reduces energy consumption and spray powder costs. For Fine Print Services there is another factor. “The biggest cost saving in taking the LE-UV route will be in coating. All our work is coated but that won’t be needed with dry sheets off the LE-UV press,” says Dan Bakewell.

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