UK – Vale Press

The first Speeedmaster CX 75 with LE UV Technology in UK.

This is the press we have been waiting for!

“This is the press we have been waiting for! We have discussed this sort of spec for years and now it is going to become a reality. The LE-UV aspect is really exciting and being an early adopter of the Speedmaster CX 75 works for us because we trust the great back up and support we get from Heidelberg,” says Tom Stowe, managing director at Vale Press. “The Speedmaster CX 75 has the same mechanics as our Speedmaster XL 75 and the double impression cylinder means it can handle boards. The LE-UV inks, which like all of our consumables will be supplied by Heidelberg, are more expensive but against that we are able to purchase one less printing unit and eliminate the powder and varnish costs. Plus there is no waiting time so we can work and turn or send to finishing fast and without any fear of marking,” says Tom Stowe.

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