USA – 4 Color Press

Speedmaster XL 75 5+L Anicolor. Using unique technology to triple business in the next two years.


Only the best technology is good enough

“Once you’ve used the best technology – and that’s Anicolor – you can no longer simply make do with less,” said Lisa and Andrew Fuld from 4 Color Press (4CP). Seven years and 103 million sheets after taking their first Speedmaster SM 52 Anicolor into operation in 2007, the owners of the Texas print shop remains a fervent champion of short inking unit technology. “We outgrew the press and literally had no more capacity,” said Fuld. This prompted the investment in a new Speedmaster XL 75 Anicolor. “What used to take us 16 to 18 hours to produce on the SM 52 now takes five hours on the larger press. Our aim is to cut throughput times further,” explains Fuld. “At this rate, we can triple our business in the next two years.”

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