USA – Proteus Packaging

Proteus_Beschnitten_121114Speedmaster XL 145-6+L. New technology and quality at speeds of up to 15,000 sheets an hour embrace the future of packaging printing.

Ideally placed for growth

“The Speedmaster XL 145 has completely exceeded all our expectations, particularly in terms of productivity. In addition to long runs, Proteus also frequently prints very short ones. I’m delighted with the flexibility of the press, which is ideal for all run sizes. Our production speeds go up to 15,000 sheets an hour.” Tim Wayman, Executive Vice President, is unreservedly positive about the investment. “The Speedmaster XL 145 is also ideal for the substrate thicknesses used from 0.15 to 1.00 millimeters (0.006 to 0.039 inches).”

Proteus Packaging is a medium-sized enterprise that was founded in Milwaukee back in 1932 and has specialized from the outset in manufacturing packaging for the pharmaceutical sector in particular. Its move to nearby Franklin in Wisconsin was accompanied by a technological focus on the future, combined with investment in future-oriented Speedmaster technology from Heidelberg. “Having closely examined all the alternatives, the Speedmaster XL 145 was the obvious choice,” says Wayman. “To share in the global growth that is forecast on the packaging market, you need to be perfectly positioned.”

Proteus Packaging is prepared for the challenges of the future. It is helped by press components such as Prinect Inpress Control, the spectrophotometric measuring and control system for ink and register that minimizes makeready times, the fully automatic, synchronized plate changing with Autoplate XL, which enables a complete plate change in two minutes, and the InkStar automatic ink supply system with cartridges. “We’ve chosen the right way forward with Heidelberg,” concludes Wayman.